Upcoming Events and Programs:

We are excited to be able to gather together once again for a night of fun to all who come. Bring a favorite game to play or a favorite person to play a game with and join us for some meeple madness. We try to host a game night once a month so keep your eyes open on our facebook page for announcements on when the next game night will be.

Join us for another night of lifting our hearts to the Lord in prayer and our voices in worship. Corporate worship is a wonderful opportunity for us to proclaim the amazing truths to one another in song as we marvel at the goodness of God. We will start at 7:00 PM. I hope you can join us for this wonderful opportunity to prepare our hearts as we enter the bustle of Holy Week.

Our Lenten Soup Suppers serve as a regular opportunity for our students to raise some funds for their student accounts. During the Lenten season, our students will serve and clean up from our Wednesday evening meals together. The meals are free but donations are accepted. The total amount donated will be divided between all of the students that serve throughout the six weeks of the services. Students can sign up for a slot by following this link: Soup Supper Signup

Take the night off from the daily grind and be pampered by our fantastic students. We will be having a wonderful meal, some entertainment, and a few other activities for your enjoyment. More information will be coming as plans get finalized, but be sure to reserve some time on April 13th to attend. Tickets will go on sale in March.

Gear up for a week of transformation and training and see what God is wanting to do in and through your life as you life faithfully for Him in the day to day. FLY Beyond is our national training and equipping camp for students and it will be held at the Association Retreat Center in Osceola WI on July 14-18,, 2024. Tim Barnett, a camper favorite, will be returning as well as many other gifted leaders, teachers, and trainers.

Registration for this summer’s FLY Beyond camp opens January 15th. More information is available here,

As always, feel free to reach out to Jordan if you have any specific questions about the event or would like to reach out for assistance.

One of the exciting opportunities at Hope is for our students to participate in the Youth Leadership Team. This opportunity gives the students a chance to impact the direction of the youth ministry at Hope, to get their hands dirty with different ministry tasks and experiences, and to be challenged and encouraged to see where the Lord has gifted them to serve His body through the local congregation. Applications for the 2023-24 school year are due August 13th.

Be sure to stay up to date by subscribing to our texting/emailing service. Just click the appropriate button above to get to the correct sign up page, fill out the information, and let Jordan take care of the rest! (for your convenience, you can chose to sign up with your cell number or email) This will greatly help you stay up to date on events, weekly announcements, and special alerts like weather induced cancellations etc. Thanks for helping make communicating easier!

Our Youth Group exists to Grow and Go. Our first focus is to grow in Christ as we encounter Him through His revealed Word, the Bible. Then, we seek to grow in knowledge as we continue to learn about Him, the world He created, and how to rightly live in this world. Next, we seek to grow together as we experience the true fellowship of Christian brothers and sisters. Equally important to our growth is understanding God’s call for us to go as well. God has called us all to make disciples of all nations and our students are included in that call. This together is our purpose…to grow and to go.

Do you find yourself really wanting to go to an event but you just can’t afford it? Don’t let money be the only thing keeping you from what God may have for you. Take the time to download the form and apply for a scholarship!

Be sure to have a current Medical Release form on file! They are required for participation in offsite events. Click the button above to download or print the pdf file.

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