Upcoming Events: Corona edition

Covid-19 Information

Friends, we are living in uncharted times for the church in America. We are not being shut down by the government or persecution, but by a virus. Who would have guessed just 6 months ago that we would be where we are now. But, here we are. I want to let you know that while the ministry to youth and families at Hope looks different these days, it is still happening. We have shifted digital for the foreseeable future. What does this mean? Confirmation and Youth group are still happening via Zoom calls. I have been texting and emailing out the information for those calls, but if you haven’t received it, please let me know. In addition, we have even added a few things like a weekly student prayer meeting and occasional parent meetings. Our Sunday services are being uploaded and premiered on facebook and I have been making weekly Sunday School videos also available as premier videos on Facebook as well as the Hopefreeyouth youtube channel. These tools can get the conversation started and help you lead the hearts of your children toward Christ.


Group Bible Reading plan

Join us for our current Bible reading plan. This one entitled “Motion X” has been made by students for students. We would love to have you join us at any time.


July 19-23: Mysterious Hope (FLY Beyond)


One of the highlights of the summer, FLY Beyond will be here before you know it. FLY Beyond is a 5 day camp setting that focuses on training students how to practically apply their faith in every day applications including serving in their local congregations. This year, Tim Barnett is coming back for another round of enlightening apologetics and faith strengthening material. Great teachers are lined up for the evening services and Bible studies, and new to this year, an opportunity to process difficult issues together with a panel of leaders. It is going to be a great week! Plus, after an extended time stuck at home and in isolation, this will be a great opportunity to get away and connect with many other teens.

Due to the corona virus, the early registration date has been pushed back to June 30th!!!

Registration and camp schedule is now open at https://www.aflc.org/youth/fly-beyond/

All Year Monday Nights: Youth Group

This year is going to be wonderful! For our Bible content, we will be exploring two amazing Minor Prophet books as well as having regular service projects, apologetics lessons, cultural connections, and of course the regular games and snacks as the cherries on top of an already amazing night.

Youth group is open to students in 6th through 12th grades and runs from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. We meet in the youth room which is upstairs. Also, new to this year, a great leadership opportunity for our High School students. Contact Jordan if you are interested.

Hot Chocolate Fundraiser

Do you want to earn some money in your youth account for the next big youth event? One easy way of doing that is to volunteer to sell hot chocolate during fellowship hour on Sunday mornings. Selling hot chocolate is pretty easy. What you would need to do is follow the following steps: Set up the hot chocolate table, take people’s orders, make the hot chocolate, collect the money, clean up the table in time for Sunday School, and put the supplies/money in Jordan’s office. That’s it!

Sundays are available at a first come-first serve basis. Telling Jordan doesn’t really work since he is bad at writing things down and remembering, so everything is run through the signup genius site. That is available here.  Weeks that don’t have people signed up for will go without any selling. Two people seems to work best for the table.

Be sure to have a current Medical Release form on file! They are required for participation in offsite events. Click the button above to download or print the pdf file.

Do you find yourself really wanting to go to an event but you just can’t afford it? Don’t let money be the only thing keeping you from what God may have for you. Take the time to download the form and apply for a scholarship!

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Confirmation Corner

The links to the podcasts are available by first clicking the button which will bring you to a new page. Then, click on the “Podcast Options” title to download a document that has the title and link for each episode. As a reminder, the assignment is to pick an episode, listen to it, and write down some highlights of what you learned from it.

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