Upcoming Events and Programs:

High School students are invited to join Erl and Nancy Langness’ house for a shoe box packing and ice cream eating party. The gathering starts at 6 and ends at 8pm.

Juniors and Seniors are invited to get a glimpse of what an average day is like at the Bible College by attending Up Close. This experience will give you a chance to sit in on actual classes, participate in certain campus life events, and meet potential future classmates. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in seeing if FLBC is the place that the Lord is calling you to go after High School.

Time: 6:30 to 8:30 ish
Feel free to bring your favorite game to introduce to others.

Looking for an easy-entry family ministry opportunity…a way to serve together while also having a fun time? Consider joining us for our board game night called “The Boardroom”. The Boardroom is meant to be a time to gather together and enjoy some great games, but also to have a place where we can build relationships with unbelievers and share Jesus with them. Missional gaming…how cool is that? This also means that The Boardroom is a great opportunity to invite neighbors or others to come together as well. Even if we don’t get anyone outside the church to come, it is still a great opportunity to enjoy some quality time together. We hope to see you here!

Bring the family out on October 24th for a fun family time of trunk or treating. We will be having some snacks to share, hot cider, some games to play in the field, and an all around good time. We start the party at 2 and wrap it up at 4. Hope to see you there!

Are you ready to jump into God’s mission for your life? Not sure what that mission is? Well, simply put, each follower of Jesus has been called on a mission to bring glory to God and make Him known. We are going to be hosting the live stream here at Hope on that Saturday.

Be sure to have a current Medical Release form on file! They are required for participation in offsite events. Click the button above to download or print the pdf file.

Do you find yourself really wanting to go to an event but you just can’t afford it? Don’t let money be the only thing keeping you from what God may have for you. Take the time to download the form and apply for a scholarship!

One of the exciting opportunities at Hope is for our students to participate in the Youth Leadership Team. This opportunity gives the students a chance to impact the direction of the youth ministry at Hope, to get their hands dirty with different ministry tasks and experiences, and to be challenged and encouraged to see where the Lord has gifted them to serve His body through the local congregation. Applications for the 21-22 school year are due August 4th.

Be sure to stay up to date by subscribing to our texting/emailing service. Just click the appropriate button above to get to the correct sign up page, fill out the information, and let Jordan take care of the rest! (for your convenience, you can chose to sign up with your cell number or email) This will greatly help you stay up to date on events, weekly announcements, and special alerts like weather induced cancellations etc. Thanks for helping make communicating easier!

Confirmation Corner

The links to the podcasts are available by first clicking the button which will bring you to a new page. Then, click on the “Podcast Options” title to download a document that has the title and link for each episode. As a reminder, the assignment is to pick an episode, listen to it, and write down some highlights of what you learned from it.

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