Upcoming Events

June 8: Raising Marketing Savvy Kids Seminar

The second installment of training from CPYU is here! This time we will be spending our time together on examining the topic of raising marketing-savvy kids. There has not been a time in history where our kids have been as bombarded by marketing as now. We need to teach them how to find their identity and satisfaction in God, not in things. Join us for a frank conversation with other adults from 9:30 to 11:00 am.  Registration is free. To register, please send a message to jordanl@hopefreelutheran.org.

There will be some goodies to munch on right before the seminar so if you get a late start…don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

June 10-14: VBS

We are going to have a wild time at our Roaring VBS this year! Every weeknight from 6:00 to 8:30, we are going to be adventuring through the God’s word and a host of other activities.  We will be having some amazing kids from AFLBS joining us again on the Jeremiah Team to lead our kids in this time together. Registration is NOW OPEN! To register, click on the majestic lion on the left :).

June 21: Frisbee Friday*

With the coming of summer means the fabulous fun of Frisbee! Bring some friends and join us for some Ultimate Frisbee fun. We will be kicking off at 7pm and playing until 8:30 or so. We will meet at the church and either be playing on the lower lot or possibly at the park depending on the size of the group and availability of space.

*event may be rescheduled if there is bad weather…although playing in the rain is lots of fun too!

June 23rd: Pancake fundraiser

One final fundraiser before FLY…Let’s take advantage of our semi-annual meeting and have a pancake lunch available for people who want to stick around. This will help with a final push for FLY expenses or help you raise money for that next event you are waiting for.

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Do you find yourself really wanting to go to an event but you just can’t afford it? Don’t let money be the only thing keeping you from what God may have for you. Take the time to download the form and apply for a scholarship!

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Confirmation Corner

The links to the podcasts are available by first clicking the button which will bring you to a new page. Then, click on the “Podcast Options” title to download a document that has the title and link for each episode. As a reminder, the assignment is to pick an episode, listen to it, and write down some highlights of what you learned from it.

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